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Aeon Metals’ flagship is the 100% owned Walford Creek.

The Walford Creek Project is located approximately 350km north west of Mount Isa in Northwest Queensland, close to the Northern Territory border.

The closest town is Doomadgee, approximately 70km to the east, which is accessed by a sealed road from Cloncurry. Doomadgee has a commercial airstrip connecting to other major centres within Queensland.


Aeon Metals’ Tenement Holdings

Basin Edge Project

Aeon has secured tenure covering 130km of strike along the basin edge controlled by the eastern extension of the Fish River Fault, the major control on mineralisation at Walford Creek. This new area is considered highly prospective for further identification of base metals.

Geology and Mineralisation

During the 2017 drill program the geological team developed a revised Walford Creek geological model (announced 28 July 2017), which is closely associated with the Zambian Copperbelt sediment hosted copper-cobalt style mineralisation. The most significant mineralisation in the Project area consistently abuts the steeply dipping, broadly east-west trending Fish River Fault Zone where it coincides with particularly the pyritic sediments of the Mt Les Siltstone. Currently, known mineralisation parallels the fault over approximately 10 kms from Vardy in the east into Marley and west into the Amy Zone.

The host stratigraphy for the Walford Creek deposit is the Mt Les Formation, which sits above the Walford Dolomite formation, conformably below the Doomadgee formation and abuts the Fish River Fault. The Mt Les Formation comprises a series of interbedded fine-grained dolomitic sandstones, siltstones and shales with variable amounts of both dolomitised rock and pyritic rich sediments. The dominant mineral zones are within what are known as the upper Py1 and associated dolomite and the lower Py3 unit. These are separated by a distinctive, mostly barren green siltstone unit. These shallow south dipping gently folded layered sediments are broadly continuous across the entire drilled strike of known mineralisation at Walford. This continuity of geology, defined by extensive drilling.

Schematic geological cross section for Walford Creek

Resource Estimation

As a result of the successful 13,500m 2019 drill campaign, on 17 December 2019, the Company announced the results of an updated independent Resource estimation.

The updated Resource estimate has three components, namely a Vardy/Marley Copper Resource, a Vardy/Marley Cobalt Peripheral Resource and an Amy Copper Resource. These combined Resources of 40.9mt @ 2.03% CuEq (including 50,300t of cobalt metal content) shows Walford Creek to be one of the highest grades and largest tonnages copper/cobalt sulphide deposit in Australia.

The Resources are as follows:

In addition to this, the Amy zone also contains an exploration target component of 2 -4mt @ 2.5% CuEq.

Note: CuEq is as per Resource Estimation in ASX Announcement Dec 2019


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