Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)”

Aeon Metals’ flagship is the 100% owned Walford Creek.

Ethically and responsibly sourced battery and electrification metals for a sustainable future.

Aeon Metals has a total commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, allocating significant resources to training and management systems to ensure a best practice approach to safety at all times. In parallel, the Company has a strict focus on meeting environmental commitments.

Responsibly sourced

Aeon Metals’ Walford Creek project has the potential to bring responsibly sourced cobalt along with other sustainably sourced metals to the global supply chain.

Enabling a greener future

Battery and electrification enabling metals are key inputs driving a rapidly accelerating shift towards a greener economy. Many technologies critical for fighting climate change rely on copper and cobalt.

Low carbon footprint

We are committed to creating a greener mining proposition through our own adaptation of renewable energy sources.


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