Enabling A Greener Future

Aeon Metals’ flagship is the 100% owned Walford Creek.

Providing the world with key metals for a low carbon future.

Battery and electrification metals are pivotal in solving some of today’s greatest environmental challenges. They directly enable acceleration of the shift towards the adaptation of more sustainable energy sources.

Many technologies that are critical for fighting climate change rely on copper and cobalt, making them essential metals for future low-carbon world. Both metals are critical in reducing CO2 emissions due to their ability to increase energy efficiency.

As the renewable energy generation, storage and transmission sectors grow, the demand for copper and cobalt are expected to grow with them, particularly given renewable energy systems typically use significantly more copper and cobalt than traditional energy systems.

Contributing to the circular economy

Copper plays an important role in our circular economy as it is one of the very few materials that can be 100% recycled repeatedly, without a loss in performance.

Increase in energy efficiency
Advancing modern technology


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