Aeon Metals has highly skilled management team supported by an experienced board.

Electrifying new opportunities in the mining sector

Electrifying new opportunities in the mining sector

Aeon Metals’ deposits of copper and cobalt in far north-west Queensland are 110km from the nearest power line and to develop the resource it plans…

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Cobalt, a major input metal to the EV market

Cobalt Cobalt alloys form part of the lithium ion battery’s cathode material and is major input metal to rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for EV market which is expected to grow from current 10% to 40% by 2025. Auto makers pledging to stop manufacturing internal combustion engine cars and focus solely on electric vehicles. Global demand for

The Future of Copper

Aeon Metals’ objective is to transform into a premier base metals company Aeon Metals’ purpose is to create long-term shareholder value through the discovery, acquisition and development of natural resources. Aeon Metals has a total commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, allocating significant resources to training and management systems to ensure a best


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